Climate change is the greatest threat to human rights in the 21st century.
— Mary Robinson, Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


These youth represent a nature of hope and promise, positive change that we need for a sustainable future. Their stories are diverse and represent what many people around the world are already experiencing due to the impacts of climate change. They want to share their stories with you, in hopes that you will support their effort to secure their right, our right, and the rights of future generations to a sustainable climate system.

Aji Piper

Seattle, Washington

"Our federal government has not been held accountable for their gross failure to protect life and the future of life on this earth, forcing us children to take drastic actions to procure the needed motivation in order to save life on this planet."

Alex Loznak

Roseburg, Oregon

"We need to reduce carbon emissions now in order to avoid the worst impacts of global warming. Building new fossil fuel infrastructure is fundamentally inconsistent with that goal."

Avery McRae

Eugene, Oregon

"I want my government to understand that climate change is real, changes are happening right now, and things aren't going to get better on their own. Climate change should be the government's first priority."

Hazel van Ummersen

Eugene, Oregon

"We need to protect our land, water, air, and wildlife. Our government is turning a blind eye to our planet, and our future."

Isaac Vergun

Beaverton, Oregon

"The courts have the ability to impact the lives of future generations and our lives in the future. I am speaking for the future generations, and they would want to have a livable planet as they grow up."

Jacob Lebel

Roseburg, Oregon

"I am telling my government to stop aiding and turning a blind eye to corporations who profit off destroying our resources, climate, and environment and start acting in the interest of its people. Our lives may depend on it."

Jaime Lynn Butler

Flagstaff, Arizona

"I'm disappointed in my government. Things are continuing to get worse, with more and more people being impacted by climate change. When will the U.S. government pay attention and stand up for our lives?"

Jayden Foytlin

Rayne, Louisiana

"Our government seems to care more about money for the fossil fuel industry than our futures. But money isn't going to matter if we can't fix our planet."

Journey Mani Wanji Zephier

Kauai'i, Hawaii'i

"I am suing the Federal Government because it's the right thing to do. Our future survival depends on our leaders taking dramatic action on climate change NOW, for the sake of future generations and all life on Earth."

youth v gov009.JPG

Kelsey Rose Cascadia Juliana

Eugene, Oregon

"I believe that climate change is the most pressing issue my generation will ever face, indeed that the world has ever faced. This is an environmental issue and it is also a human rights issue."

Kiran Oommen

Eugene, Oregon

Our government refuses to protect our basic rights to life. If those we have put in power aren't protecting our necessities, what purpose are they serving?"

Levi Draheim

Indialantic, Florida

"I work hard to protect the environment and animals near my home. I want my government to work hard to protect my future and the future of the animals and ecosystems in our country."

Miko Vergun

Beaverton, Oregon

As a teen, I can tell you this is our future we're talking about. We have to stop going about our lives as if nothing is happening."

Nathan Baring

Fairbanks, Alaska

"Our government continues making today's profit a priority over protecting our right to a sustainable future. My generation, without voting rights, hasn't been fairly represented in making decisions that will affect our lives."

Nick Venner

Lakewood, Colorado

"Climate impacts in the U.S. are real and getting worse. We're running out of water, we're faced with record-setting heat waves, and wildfires and superstorms are becoming common. We must act now to protect our planet and our civilization."

Sahara Valentine

Eugene, Oregon

"We need to take action because our government isn't protecting our future. I want my children and future generations to be able to live safely on our planet."

Sophie Kivlehan

Allentown, Pennsylvania

"I know climate change is going to have the biggest impact on my generation and generations to come. Our government isn't taking action and we have a very small window to turn this around. I feel a sense of responsibility to take action."

Tia Hatton

Bend, Oregon

Climate change is a pressing issue that is causing noticeable changes around us. There is a lack of awareness that the benefits of preventing and slowing the change will highly exceed any present costs."

Vic Barrett

White Plains, NY

"Climate change isn't just about temperatures and weather, it's about people. Our earth will be here for millenniums; it's up to us to decide if humanity will be too."

Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez

Boulder, Colorado

"Climate change is the defining issue our time. The actions those in power take, and decisions they make today, will determine the kind of world future generations will inherit.."

Zealand Bell

Eugene, Oregon

It's important to spread awareness about climate impacts. I'm suing the federal government, because they need to be doing a lot more to protect our futures."

Special thanks to Robin Loznak for the use of his beautiful still images.