In addition to festival, theatrical, and online releases, YOUTH v GOV will be part of an ambitious and separately funded impact campaign to target youth, young voters, and disenfranchised communities throughout the country using the following tools:

VOTING: Our civic engagement partners will use the film and its message as a tool to inspire young people to register and vote in the 2020 voting cycle. We will identify partners to create climate voting packages and score cards for elected officials to provide to our youngest voters.

EDUCATION: We will work with our education partners to pair the film with curricula linking constitutional and environmental rights, and encourage youth to become more engaged in civic democracy, climate justice, and government responsibility. Education curricula will be created in part by Vulcan Productions.

LEGISLATION: 74 million youngh people under the age of 18 do not have the right to vote in our political system, but they can still make an impact. Through civic action trainings, we will work with our partners to provide a template for youth to press local government leaders to pass Climate Recovery Ordinances. We aim to create a wave of local actions to reduce carbon emissions municipally and statewide.

If your organization or foundation is interested in supporting or partnering on our impact campaign for 2020-2022, please CONTACT US.