We are raising funding for YOUTH v GOV, a feature documentary about the upcoming #TrialOfTheCentury, where 21 courageous youth plaintiffs will hold the U.S. government accountable in court for violating their rights to a healthy climate. 

in addition to the youth stories, We will be filming at the TRIAL, which STARTS OCTOBER 29TH, 2018!

Please contribute whatever level is meaningful for YOU. You can donate at any time.


For tax-deducitible donations, please contact:


Don't miss your chance to play a role in upholding our constitution and supporting our youth's right to a safe and healthy future.


A special thanks to all of our supporters. We truly could not make this film without you.


Roshan Patel, Andy Adkins, James Kilby, Jason Roehrig, Tiffany Schauer, Andrew Tumason, Earth Guardians, Jeff Orlowski, Nicky Sundt, Karin Shatzkin, Dennis Aig, Samantha Bates, Alyson Spery, Clare Major, Emily Fraser, Mike Axline and Diane Hazen, Lynne Reid